Title IX at LAU


Reporting Harassment, Assault, and/or Discrimination

Any LAU staff, faculty or student who believes in good faith that they or someone else at LAU has been a victim of discrimination, harassment or any form of sexual misconduct should promptly notify LAU through one of the methods set out below.

The complaint should include information about:

  1. The conduct
  2. Where it occurred, and
  3. Persons involved
  4. If reporting is made by a person other than the victim involved, that person has to explain his/her knowledge of the conduct in question

The following steps should be taken when filing a complaint:

When a student, a staff member, or a faculty member faces any form of harassment, they should notify (orally or in writing) the Title IX Office, either by emailing titleIX@lau.edu.lb or by calling one of the following numbers:

For complaints emanating from the New York Academic Center, please send an email to titleIX@lau.edu.lb.

Anonymous Reporting

Anyone can make an anonymous report of conduct prohibited under this policy by contacting the Compliance Hotline at +961 1 786 456, ext. 4444.

LAU will review the complaint, initiate an investigation and take any measure it deems appropriate in response to the notice as temporary or permanent measures. Further, LAU may advise certain staff and faculty with oversight of student well-being that their duties include a requirement to report instances of sexual misconduct relating to students promptly upon receiving such information.

The right to confidentiality shall be strictly adhered to at all stages, in so far as it does not interfere with LAU’s legal obligation to investigate the allegations presented and take proper corrective action(s).

A failure to provide prompt notification or the reporting of information anonymously may hinder LAU’s ability to act on the conduct for which a complaint is made.