Title IX at LAU


The Process

When a complaint is submitted, LAU may request a statement in writing signed by the complainant or the Title IX Director will take note of the complaint and have the complainant sign it in order to proceed with further inquiry, particularly in matters pertaining to employment.

Depending on the type of conduct and the persons affected, the complaint may be referred to an existing LAU procedure for resolution such as the Student Code of Conduct.  Further, LAU may establish new procedures as necessary and, if needed, comply with the U.S. Department of Education requirements, in order to investigate the claim. 

LAU will promptly investigate all complaints. If the Title IX Director or Coordinator determines that the complaint is credible, he/she shall notify the Office of the General Counsel and together recommend to the President that a formal investigation be opened. Upon the President’s request, the Title IX Director will manage all complaints that warrant investigation. The President can consider engaging other university units as necessary and in accordance with applicable LAU policies.

The President will open a formal investigation by creating (or establishing) an ad-hoc investigating committee. The investigation will be prompt and will allow both the complainant and the responding parties to meet with the committee. The committee may also meet with other relevant individuals. The investigating committee will write up a report for the President based on evidence that includes recommendations for further action. The President will then make the final decision regarding the resolution of the complaint.

Furthermore, the Office of the General Counsel provides advice and direction on the legal aspects of Title IX-related investigations and potential prosecutions. The Office of the General Counsel also conducts Title IX investigations involving Title IX Office staff.

If LAU determines that the claim is substantiated, it will institute disciplinary proceedings against the offending party, which may result in a range of sanctions up to and including termination of University employment or expulsion. 

If LAU determines that the complaint was unsubstantiated, the University will take no corrective action. 

The formal University decision shall be communicated to all involved parties as approved by the President. Appeals by either party may be initiated as per the applicable LAU policies